‘SamTek Systems & IT Labs’  is a place where we’re free to explore and are  encouraged to voice new ideas.  This is what distinguishes us from the rest and inspires us to Excel, Innovate & Lead.We  are  a leading  computer application  software provider in the fields of accounting , health-care , education, process re-engineering   and  ERP.

We  have been  providing  Internet  based software  solutions  for  small  to  medium  sized  business  firms , hospitals , schools  and  medium scale manufacturing industries since 2007. At  Samtek Systems , we use JAVA , PHP and MySQL technologies.

We  also  provide customized  solutions  in a  wide  variety of  fields . We  have expanded  our business  to become the premiere  software solution providers  in  many  fields.  Currently  we  are  helping  several  of  our  clients  in  the  fields of  education , health-care , insurance ,  manufacturing,

Trading  and  other types of  businesses. We  diversified  into  development of  our own  ERP  Solution  for Medium  scale manufacturing  companies.