Software Maintenance



Website  maintenance  is  a  vital  aspect  of  your  general  online  enterprise .  Most   of   the  successful  websites  are dynamic  or   static  in  nature – the content keeps on changing. New web pages are added & old web pagesare archived. The design is constantly changed.

Website maintenance includes revising, editing ,  otherwise changing existing web pages to keep your website up to date. The periodic addition of  new

web pages is also part of maintenance services.

The number of  websites that make up the Internet is enormous,  unfortunately you don’t have to browse very far to find numerous websites that  have

outdated and incorrect information including broken graphics, links and even contact details on their website.

Many  of   these  website  owners  lack   the  resources  and  expertise   to  correctly   maintain   their  websites  and  are   often  reluctant   to   contact development firms such as website designs,due to the envisaged costs and protracted contracts.

Some  form of  continuous management  and  ongoing  maintenance  is  obviously  required ; website  designs have therefore developed  the resources and implemented strategies to enable all website owners to have a fully maintained website.

If  you  believe you  will be  making regular  changes to your  website over time ,  you can save  money by purchasing a website  maintenance  contract.

A maintenance contract is for a one  year term, is non-refundable. The monthly charge for maintenance is based on the size of  your website at  the time the contract is signed.  A  maintenance  contract  allows  you  to  highlight different services on a rotating basis ,  to  promote  time  sensitive  programs , services or workshops.

Under our  maintenance  contract ,  you are entitled to make limited number of text revisions to existing web pages . This does  not  include redesigning

web pages, or adding, deleting or  editing graphics on the web pages.

You  can  edit  the graphics , but  additional  charges will  apply. You  can also add new  web pages to your website, while the maintenance  contract  is in force. The new web pages will be included in the maintenance contract, unless you exceed  the maximum number of pages for your contract.

In that case, you must amend the contract provisions to include the new web pages.

SamTek Systems have implemented efficient systems to enable us to fully maintain your website, this encompasses:

1. Content : The  content you  present to your website visitors needs to be alive , current and accurate ;  with regular fresh content people will  have  a reason to your website time and time again. Older articles , files and content can be

archived within the website for added resources thus enabling you to build an extremely comprehensive website.

2. Promotion : Every successful  website should constantly generate more and more visitor activity over time. Regular search engine registration and META tag re- engineering are paramount to ensuring the best possible ranking within the search engines. As we said earlier, website promotion  is

a continuous process.

At  SamTek Systems , we have  implemented  systems  that  enable  us  to  manage and promote your  website in  a highly  professional manner ;  we become your webmasters working on your behalf allowing you to concentrate on your business.