HR Management System


  We are creating a project entitled “HR Management System”. Basically it is created to manage the HR management process of companies. It is also used for maintain HR view at various levels.

Under HR Management Software following sub modules are created:

·         Company Management Module

·         Recruitment Management  Module

·         Department & Head Report Relationship Management Module

·         Employee Management   Module

·         Employee Leave Management Module

·         Employee Performance Appraisal Management Module

·         Employee Promotion Management  Module

·         Employee Training Management  Module

·         Employee Transfer Management Module

·         Confirmation  Management Module

·         Disciplinary  Management  Module

·         Medical Reimbursement  Management  Module

·         Employee Time  Management Module

·         Payroll Management

·         Process Project Team Management

·         Security Management

·         Separation  Management

·         Reporting (will be created as necessary)

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